5 Branding Mistakes Business Make

“your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos

Every branding is a creative brand, why? Branding is storytelling and storytelling is a creative work.  Things to make sure we don’t get branding wrong or spend too much. There are some major branding mistakes every business most try to avoid

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As a new business owner, your goals is to be above your competitors in other to achieve this goal you must pay attention to your company’s brand image, what kind of message are you passing about your product and services

In other to help us have a clear vision of branding your business, I will like to share 5 common branding mistakes new business make. Check them out and make sure your business isn’t already making any of these mistakes.

branding mistakes that can kill your business



when it comes to branding, your company name most interpret your kind of product or service you render. This will help your customers know what your business offer without much research about the business.

When choosing a name for your business you need to be very careful with the kind of names you use; make them unique and easy don’t be too religious while naming your business. Try not to copy a brand name don’t fall into the same trap choose and build your own brand name.


We can learn from most of the top brands, your logo should reflect and communicate your brand’s value and voice.

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, apple they all have a very simple but unique logos. No business would like to have outdated logo modernity should be wise without pursuing trends.

Forget about making extremely fashionable logo and keep it simple at the right level, it’s normal to also work on your logo on a regular basis revisiting it from time to time.

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the motto is a short suggestive expression of a business guiding principle. Business motto is also called slogans. The big secret of waning an advertising campaign lies with a great slogan. Top brands with the nice slogan;

  • KFC – Eat fresh
  • Skittle –  Taste the rainbow
  • McDonald – I’m loving it
  • Redbull –  it gives you wailings
  • Apple –   think different
  • Coca-Cola – open happiness (2009)

So if you are just building your business or you are an existing business owner check through your business slogan and see where you are going wrong.


we all know the best means to promote our business is through social media. But most businesses have been missing out on these because they are not making use of the right channel for their business.

No matter how much effort you are making, it won’t make any difference unless you are using the right social media approach, connecting with the right people and joining the right network.


these where most businesses get it wrong. You have the right social media channel but you are using the wrong people for the job. Sometimes the outcome of your social media campaign is not about the budget rather is about doing it in the right manner.

You have to hire the right hands to manage all your social media account, these are well-trained professionals that can give you result by increasing leads and sales.

I hope by now you should be able to point out some branding mistakes your business most have been making. try to use this branding tips to fix all your branding issues.


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