5 Ways To Make Money As a Stay At Home Mom

5 ways you can make money as a stay at home

we all have the skill to sell and make huge money, the internet has been a blessing for this generation, that”s if we are using it in the right direction.

making money online is no longer new to us but how to go about it is the problem we are all facing.

Do you know you can make more than $100 monthly in your room with little or no capital?

whether you are a college student, stay at home mom or a working class trying to increase your income with no stress, then feel free to join us on this train.

the rise of the internet makes earning money from home easy for those of us who want to earn extra cash. I will share with us 5 ways to make money at home with no capital.

what you need to kick start;
a. laptop/computer
b. internet

  Ways of Making Money From Home 

#1 Social media Manager:

you can manager different organization social media without leaving your house.
many organization is busy trying to increase sales and their customer base, the service of a social manager is needed to keep their online presence active.

you can make as high as 50,000 monthly depending on how you package your work and your commitment.

#2. Chat support service:

chat support service just like an online support agent.you attend to customers chat online, helping them to solve problems or giving out information about the company you are representing online.

#3. Data entry:

data entry has been one of the oldest and high paying online service. your job is to input and update information and data for the company or organization hiring you.

the type of information varies from the kind of company you are working with, it might be text-based or numerical(where you work with numbers).

#4. Content writer:

don’t just keep your writing skills to your self, you can make money developing good content for the client. 

you just have to network yourself and post some of your work online for potential clients.

read on how to make money starting a poultry farm.

you can also register as a freelancer on up-work, fiver, etc you earn not less than $5 per post or more depending on the content and quality of your write-ups.

#5. mini online store:

you can start your online store setting right inside your room. you just need to have good products to sell, they may be locally made or foreign (imported) goods.

you don’t necessarily need a web site to start, you can display your products on Facebook or Instagram and still make huge sales. but you have to make customers trust you with online payment.

I am sure by now you have an idea of how you can start marking money online with just your laptop and internet access. if you will like to get trained how you can start making money as a freelancer click here

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