Facebook Marketing For Small Business: Tips and Strategies to Grow your Business

 facebook marketing strategies to grow your business real fast.

If you have not been marking use of Facebook as a small business owner than you are missing out.

Facebook has over 26 million active users in Nigeria alone, so you should be having an idea of the number of clients you could be reaching out to by using Facebook to promote your business. imagine you are

targeting just 1% of the active user that’s about 260,000 potential customers that can later be converted to paying customer.

I know you must have been seeing what you are really missing if you are not marketing yourself on this platform, but don’t worry its never too late to get started.


I will share with you facebook marketing tips on how you can grow your business using  Facebook for free and make a huge profit from your sales.


  1. Personal Profile: As a business owner that is looking to maximize the return you get from time spent on this platform, then I think is not the time to make your profile talk about your past achievement or places you have lived before
    facebook marketing
    Use your profile to communicate to people so they can know your kind of business and your product, and how long you have been in the business.try to use a very nice, decent and good looking pics of you. use a cover page that will say something about what you do.
  2. Facebook page: Facebook page is another big strategy to promote your business. average Facebook users have minimum 200 friends. imagine 100 out of your 200 friends agreed to like your page and they also share your page to their friends’ list.
    facebook page for small businesswithin 24 hours about 1,000 people are already aware of your business. you can see how easy to grow your small business without spending much.

    I will share with us best strategy to get over 1,000 organic likes on our next post

  3. Your Post: The kind of post you upload on Facebook reflect the kind of person you are and your area of interest. if you are a lover of football go back to your timeline and see what your shared content are all about.

    Posting on Facebook

    posting on Facebook could be an image, videos, or write-ups you can use nice write-up or stories to capture the mind of your reader who turns client and later a paying customer.

    use nice pictures that can attract people to like your page or chat you up personally to get details about your product.with these little tips am sure you must have seen that there is a big opportunity to grow your business online.

    you don’t have to give up now because you are almost there. also, read tips on financial management for small business.


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