Headlines:11 tips to write eye-catching headlines

11 Tips to write eye-catching headlines

Content don”t go viral its the headlines that do the magic. as a content writer, blogger, digital marketer, social media manager, to have an impact on your readers you must first get their attention before they decide may be to read further or stop.

headlines are very important in developing any content. headlines set the expectation and prepare the mind of the reader for the rest article(body).

before you develop your next blog post or a sales copy, put this 11 tips of writing headlines at the back of your mind.

  1. Model the best: you need to know what kind of write ups you are developing and get inspiration from your competitors.

  2. Use Numbers: its important to start some of your headlines with numbers;
  • 5 best website to download free images.
  • Top 10 online business
  • 7 ways to get out of depression.


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3. Use “How to” strategies: this is a direct and easy way to search for content online.

 4. Use punctuation: use of punctuation is simple and easy to use you just have to place your main keyword before the colon or hyphen then the benefit headlines follow.

  • Profit: easy steps to increase your profit

5. Be specific; Define what your write up is all about. don”t just use words like “write a business plan” rather be specific “How to write a business plan’


6. Common mistakes strategies; sometimes you attract your readers by showing some of their common mistakes.

  • marketing mistake you are probably making and how to correct them.

7. Use question strategies: “Do you want to build a website? take this 5 easy steps”.

     8. The 5 W”s : Using these in your headlines makes your readers know the kind of information you intend to provide.

  • WHO
  • WHEN
  • WHAT
  • WHY

9. Length of your headlines: its always important to take note of the length of your headlines. to make them look good on Google and to prevent them being cut off, make sure they stay within 60 characters.

 10. Using image: pictures are first that attract your reader. using a good image in all your post gives you 80% of getting audience.get free image for your headlines.

11. Practice, practice, and practice.


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