How To Be Successful In Poultry Farming As a Beginner

      Poultry farming for beginners, steps, and guidelines to be a successful farmer

poultry farming is a very lucrative business you can start and make a huge profit from it, poultry farming entails keeping of poultry birds either for meat or egg production.


poultry farming is an investment with a high return if properly managed.


am sure as you are reading these article now is either you have interest in investing in it or you are already in the business.

I will show you step by step guide how you can be successful as a beginner in poultry farming.

I know one major fear of beginners in this business, is the high rate of mortality but I can assure you if you follow the tips am about to share, you will succeed as a poultry farmer.

Poultry Farming For Beginners


one thing I want you to put at the back of your mind as a beginner is that there is a huge market for

poultry rearing in Nigeria, only if you are ready to follow the basic requirement of the poultry farming business.

here are some of the basic requirement that will guide you in setting up your poultry farm.


the location should be the first point to start your reach from, you need to get a location that is easy to access and not too far to your market and other materials needed to make work easier for you.

it’s always advisable not to locate poultry farm among residents or in a populated environment.

Pen House

is the building that will be constructed to keep the poultry birds. the construction and design depend on
the startup capital.

you don’t necessarily need to spend more to make it look fancy but it should protect the birds from external preditors and should be facing the right direction.

Choose Your Poultry  Sector

poultry, farming is a very wide industry, you have to decide on the kind of birds you want to focus on.

as a beginner its advisable to focus on one aspect of poultry either for meat production or egg production.

Note: we have different types of poultry birds for meat production, with broilers been the most popular. the chicken that is raised for eggs is called layers.

so do your research and decide on which kind of birds you can keep within your environment, that you can make good sales.

Source Of Your Birds 

another most important part that can determine your success or failure in poultry farming. the breed and source of your chicks will tell how far you can go in this business.

as a beginner try to make a very good research on where you can get good chicks/ birds.

System Of Production 

this has to do with the system in which you want to adopt in keeping your poultry birds. poultry birds are kept under a variety of husbandry system;

  • Extensive System
  • Semi-Intensive
  • Intensive system

the two major ways of keeping poultry birds are either on the ground (deep litter) 0r inside the cage (battery cage) the kind of birds or the fund available goes inline with the system of production you want to use.


Feeding constitutes 80% of expenses in any poultry farming. the ration and formula you use in feeding your birds will determine your production output.

in other to get a better result in poultry farming it is expected to feed the birds very well with good formulated feed.

it is always advisable to know the total feed intake of your birds before investing in the business.

some poultry farmer produces feeds for themselves but as newbies in poultry farming, I recommend you buy already made feed from good and well-known companies.

are you a student or an entrepreneur and you are planning in setting up your own poultry farm, contant us today and lets guide you through the necessary process.


Staff or Manpower 

how well you manage your staff will help you achieve your goals as a poultry farmer.

the number of manpower needed is determined by the size of the farm.

it is necessary for you as the business owner to always be on deck to monitor the day to day activities in the farm, these will help in building your understanding in the poultry business.


one more aspect to give full consideration is the marketing of the poultry production. marketing is very important in any business to increase sales, but unfortunately, most farmers get stuck at this point not

because there is a shortage of demand but because they have not paid attention to the sales and marketing aspect of the business.

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before you invest into poultry business you should consider the marketing strategies you can use to get more sales within your environment.


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